Part of the Real Estate Dumbed Down Webinar Series, Due Diligence in Real Estate Deals is now available on demand.
This webinar is a must-attend for anyone who will be representing a client in any type of real estate transaction.  Learn the proper guidelines that must be met to prove diligence.  Our expert panel will discuss what you must avoid in order steer clear of pitfalls that could destroy your reputation and career.
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Basics of Real Estate Syndication is now available on demand!
This webinar will offer an inside look at how real estate investors can profit through real estate syndication. Our expert panel will discuss the legal aspects of syndication and provide practical insight into the process. This webinar is a must attend if you think you will ever be representing or acting as a real estate investor.
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Understanding and Negotiating a Loan Agreement is now available on demand!
Lenders typically have an upper hand in negotiating with business borrowers because lending is what lenders do every day.   This webinar is designed to help even the playing field by teaching business owners and executives about the typical provisions of a secured loan agreement.
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I am pleased to report that attorney Mark Ditton who has long managed many of our bankruptcy cases in Portland and Salem, Oregon will be moving to Seattle this week to expand our Seattle Bankruptcy Law Office. Mark will now supervise all of our Washington cases including Chapter 13 matters in Vancouver and Tacoma. Our 
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The original post is titled Expanded Bankruptcy Law Office Hours , and it came from Portland Bankruptcy Attorney | Northwest Debt Relief .

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This week on The Broke and the Beautiful, Vintage Associates is selling Jackson family memorabilia, and “Real Housewives of New Jersey” stars Teresa and Joe Giudice are selling their house. Also, the patriarch of “My Five Wives” is out of bankruptcy. Bankruptcy Beat
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More than 1,600 pairs of luxury sunglasses will hit the auction block next week.
Tiger Group

American Optical Services’ vision centers have already been sold, but now you’ll have a chance to buy what was once inside its two luxury boutiques.
Online bidding starts next week for more than 1,600 pairs of “one-of-a-kind exotic eyewear” that together carry a value of more than $1 million, according to a news release. That means you could be the lucky new owner of glasses that were showcased at the Bellissimo and MesmerEyes, two boutiques located in Las Vegas’s Bellagio, including specs that originally cost up to an eye-popping $30,000. Brands to be sold include Cartier, Maybach and Chrome Hearts. The buyer who may not be able to afford such luxury will perchance set her eyes on the likes of Maui Jim, Oakley and Palm Optical-branded items. Bankruptcy Beat
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ChessThe trial on the City of Detroit's restructuring takes a hiatus while insurer Syncora and others try to finalize a settlement. The deal seems to be a hybrid of enhanced treatment for Syncora's class of claims in Detroit's plan (class 9) and other value for Syncora alone, such as rights in Detroit property, and possibly a release from insurance obligations on interest rate swaps. The deal does not resolve class 9 objections as a whole.

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This is the last entry in our four-part series analyzing Judge Drain’s widely read bench ruling issued on August 26, 2014 in connection with the confirmation hearing of Momentive Performance Materials and its affiliated debtors. In Parts I and II, we discussed Judge Drain’s conclusions regarding the appropriate calculation of cramdown interest rates for secured creditors. In Part III, we turned to his analysis of certain subordination provisions found in the indentures governing the Debtors’ senior subordinated notes. Today, in Part IV, we discuss Judge Drain’s rulings regarding the parties’ make-whole and third party release disputes.
What You Need to Know: Make-Wholes
Make-wholes have been a “trending” topic of late in the restructuring community. This is partly because it is difficult to find a consistent approach to the issue within the reported decisions. Therefore, even for those of us who have been closely following recent make-whole developments, a brief refresher on make-wholes is always helpful.

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Atlantic City, N.J.’s Revel Casino Hotel heads to court Monday to protect a newly emerged bidder in the event someone else walks away with Revel’s assets.
A week after shutting down operations, Revel said Wednesday that it found a buyer, Polo North Country Club Inc., which has offered $90 million in cash for substantially all of Revel’s assets. It’s still unclear whether Polo and its principal, Florida real-estate developer Glenn Straub, plan to operate Revel as a casino.
As part of the bid, Revel is asking the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Camden, N.J., to approve a $3 million breakup fee for Polo if the transaction doesn’t go through. The company is also asking to schedule an auction for Sept. 24, with competing offers due the day prior. Bankruptcy Beat
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Apple's desire to maintain tight control of the payment experience is likely to wind up pushing banks away from iPhones and toward Android and host card emulation technology.

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