Accredited Investor Markets founder and publisher, Jonathan P. Friedland, partner with Chicago’s Levenfeld Pearlstein LLC, co-authored an article for Thomson Reuter’s Buyouts with a JOBS Act update for accredited investors.
The article posits the question many are asking: “Is there a JOBS Act development worthy of your attention?” The answer is yes, and Friedland and Shoenthaler trace some of the more recent developments in sectors that are currently seeing the most movement from JOBS Act changes.
To read the entire piece, visit the Buyouts site here.
The article was co-authored by DailyDAC general counsel Vanessa Schoenthaler, Quashu & Shoenthaler LLP.

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A federal judge Friday declared a mistrial in a whistleblower lawsuit that questions the safety of thousands of highway guardrail end caps on the nation’s roads. The Wall Street Journal has the Daily Bankruptcy Review article here.
Energy Future Holdings Corp. is entertaining takeover overtures from NextEra Energy Inc. and others that have expressed an interest in a new deal for the troubled Texas power company, Edward Sassower, a lawyer for the company, said Friday. Click here for the DBR article.
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Women often don’t have it easy in the restructuring industry, and a recent sex-discrimination lawsuit filed against restructuring firm AlixPartners LLP casts some of these difficulties in stark relief. The DBR article is available via WSJ. Bankruptcy Beat
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Wall Street Journal

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman isn't alone in his concerns about Barclays' dark pool activities. Trading firms including RBC Capital Markets and T. Rowe Price Group worried in the months before Schneiderman sued Barclays that their orders were getting subpar treatment on the dark pool because of high-frequency traders. What's more, "a number of Barclays employees privately expressed concerns to top stock-trading executives that the firm was giving high-frequency traders too much...

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You may think that the trusting, tight-knit nature of family owned business means they have a lower risk of fraud. But some experts believe the risk and occurrence of misappropriation are actually greater in family businesses due in part to that very environment of trust. Furthering the problem, the perpetrator may not realize his or her […]The post 4 Myths About Family Business Fraud appeared first on Lindenwood Associates.

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private student loan default risk reward
When you’re looking at a significant private student loan debt, your options are limits to two – pay or don’t pay.
If you can afford to make the payments, you should do so as quickly as possible. The faster those private student loans are paid in full, the less you’ll wind up paying in interest charges.
But fail to make payments and you’ll find that there’s no help for you. Federal student loan programs such as income base repayment, Pay As You Earn, and rehabilitation simply don’t exist.
In fact, there’s no legal difference between a private student loan and a standard bank loan. The only time a distinction is drawn is when you’re in bankruptcy court, which is when you find out just how difficult it can be for most people to wipe out the obligation in bankruptcy.
When there are no formal repayment options, no bankruptcy relief and no ability to repay the debt … what do you do?
My recommendation (and it may be a controversial one) is to consider letting the default happen.
What Happens When You Default On Your Private Student Loans
Make no mistake – defaulting on your private student loans is serious business.

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On behalf of everyone at Credit Slips, I want to express our profound sadness at hearing of the tragic and untimely passing of Professor Dan Markel. a professor of law at Florida State University and a prominent criminal law theorist. Dan was the founder of PrawfsBlawg and a leader in the legal blogosphere. May his family and friends take some small comfort in knowing how Dan was considered a leader in his discipline.
His colleagues at PrawfsBlawg have a tribute with comments from many persons who knew, worked with and learned from Dan.

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In a long story in today's edition, the New York Times is reporting a bubble in often deceptive and abusive subprime auto lending on unaffordable terms, including very high rates of interest.  Although not quite the threat to the overall economy that the subprime mortgage bubble created eight or nine years ago, this apparent new bubble in lending for used vehicles has some similar features (targeting vulnerable consumers, lax underwriting, securitization, investors seeking high returns) and is causing significant pain for low income and unsophisticated borrowers.  A few regulators are mentioned in the story, but oversight so far seems to have been lax.

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Go to jail card Monopoly imageJuly 18, 2014 PHH Mortgage Services, a loan servicer in N.J.  learned that the Yuba Superior Court jury was not sympathetic to its failure to act in a reasonable manner with regards to the modification of a home loan.   PHH suffered one outrageous atrocity after another  on the homeowner.   It turned into a $16.2 million jury verdict against a nationwide loan-servicing company comprised of $514,000 in compensatory damages and $15.7 million in punitive damages.  The plaintiff’s attorney ranked this verdict the highest jury award in years.  Andre Chernay and Jon Oldenburg of the United Law Center in Roseville took on a Goliath and won.  We all should thank them for their service.
The story is one that thousands of homeowners have experienced over the last 8 years: job loss, financial collapse, and possible bankruptcy.  The homeowner diligently works with the lender to reduce payments, following the lender/servicer’s instructions only to find complete mismanagement by the lender/servicer to properly document agreements and then the initiation of a foreclosure.

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We recently launched a website for our Oregon and Washington Student Loan Law Practice. We are thrilled to be helping student loan borrowers in our community lessen their student loan burdens. As one of very few graduates in the Pacific Northwest of Joshua Cohen’s Student Loan Seminar and as a long time member of the National Association of Consumer Advocates, I am eager, willing and able to help consumers across both Oregon and Washington obtain better student loan terms. Our Student Loan Law site can be found at Oregon and Washington Student Loan Attorneys 
The original post is titled New Oregon and Washington Student Loan Law Site , and it came from Portland Bankruptcy Attorney | Northwest Debt Relief .

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