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Los Angeles Bankruptcy HelperLos Angeles Bankruptcy Helper just hit 200!
This Los Angeles Bankruptcy Helper just hit 200. Not 200 years old. But 200 great Los Angeles bankruptcy helper articles. It is a happy day!
We began our blog in May 2010.  We didn’t know then how fast it would grow. Our Los Angeles Bankruptcy Helper Blog has attracted significant attention. References to our blog appear regularly on many respected sites. We enjoy links from web sites like the American Bankruptcy Institute, the National Association of Chapter 13 Trustees, and Nolo.

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Los Angeles Community Bankruptcy Seminar -  sponsored by the Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation.
(The program is private for invitees only. But any person in need of bankruptcy advice in Los Angeles is invited to call Mr. Wishman directly for bankruptcy help at 213-629-8801.)

Since 1981, VSEDC has stimulated economic development in South Los Angeles through commercial projects, affordable housing initiatives and business development.To support the needs of small businesses in Los Angeles, VSEDC operates the City of Los Angeles BusinessSource Center for the South region. BusinessSource is funded by the City of Los Angeles Community Development Department to provide training, counseling and access to capital services for small businesses. For more information, click here.

About the Speaker at the Los Angeles Community Bankruptcy Seminar.

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How does bankruptcy work when you are married?
Here is a quick 3 point summary of how does bankruptcy work when you are married?

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Do you need a motion to reopen bankruptcy and file a debtor education certificate? If you didn’t receive your bankruptcy discharge, that might be why. Filing your debtor education certificate is a stumbling block often overlooked. But the good news is that it can be fixed.

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Cease and Desist LettersI am no fan of the famous cease and desist letters. I ask my own clients not to use them. Here’s why.

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Financial stress could mean you need bankruptcy advice. Here’s why. Financial stress is often due to factors that we ourselves cannot control. You go to work. You do your job. You get your pay check. But your pay check is buying a lot less than it did last year. If you buy gas and groceries, you already knew that.
Fact check on financial stress.
financial stress helpLet’s do a quick fact check to see how today’s inflation directly affects your financial stress level.
Food prices have risen 19% since the beginning of the year. That is huge. The cost of a full grocery cart last December is buying only 80% of a grocery cart today.
The other big budget buster is gas. A gallon of gas today in Los Angeles County costs about $0.20 more than it did a month ago. Buy 10 gallons, and it costs $2.00 more than it did last month.

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Pastoral bankruptcy counseling
Pastoral bankruptcy counseling can bring comfort to many people who don’t know where to find help. Pastoral bankruptcy counseling is easier when you know a few simple facts about personal bankruptcy. Solving money woes is not outside the scope of what pastoral counselors can do. A pastor does not need to be a legal expert to provide valuable debt help. Most people with serious debt trouble have feelings of shame and loneliness. Parishioners with money trouble are no different than anyone else. They may feel isolated. They might not know where to turn.
A sense of embarrisment all too often prevents people who need help from seeking it. Simple knowledge about bankruptcy relief is good to have in your pastoral medicine bag. When people approach you about their debt problems, it is good to let them know that most people with a serious debt problem will be eligible for bankruptcy relief. Bankruptcy provides a fresh start. Bankruptcy is not a punishment, it is a consumer legal remedy. Pastoral bankruptcy counseling helps people with debt problems.

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How does bankruptcy work? Will the bankruptcy court pay my bills? Do they give you a Get Out of Debt Free Card?
how does bankruptcy workWill I get a stack of money?
It’s none of those. Too bad. That would be the simplist answer. But cheer up. The real answer is still pretty simple.
I’m a Los Angeles bankruptcy expert. I have been a practicing bankruptcy lawyer in Los Angeles for 34 years. I have a lot of experience explaining, “How does bankruptcy work?” Allow me to explain bankruptcy.
The United States of America has a bankruptcy law. The easiest way to understand, “How does bankruptcy work?” is like this. The bankruptcy laws allow people to be released from most kinds of debts. The requirements are simple. It’s a common sense law. The court has to be convinced of two things.

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Having an underwater mortgage is heartbreaking.  To most people, their home is the most important investment of their lifetime They don’t know if they are foolishly thowing their money away paying an underwater mortgage. If you can afford your home, should you walk away? What if you are facing foreclosure, but you want to stay?
How to decide if you should walk away from an underwater mortgage? 

underwater mortgageYou will have to look for a new place to live. Before you leave, ask yourself these questions. Does your home fit your needs? If so, does your house payment cost about the same as rent for a similar home? You have to live somewhere. Where will you go? You will be a renter if you walk away. If a similar home would rent for about what you pay now, you probably should stay put. Also, you have tax advantages from paying a mortgage. Tax breaks might make your mortgage cost less than renting. Even on an underwater mortgage.
Are you happy with the home? Happy with the neighborhood? If so, you have more reasons to stay.

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