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Posted 3 weeks 5 days ago

Yelp Ratings for Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyers are not to be trusted. Maybe I’m prejudiced because I have a beef with Yelp. But, maybe I’m right.  Do a Yelp Search for the term, “Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyer.”  You will see hundreds of Yelp Bankruptcy Lawyer ratings. But some lawyers stand out from the pack. The same lawyers pop up on almost every page. You can’t get away from them. Here’s why that is. Yelp is an advertising platform. Lawyers pay money to Yelp for premium positions. The more visibility a lawyer wants, the more it costs. My personal beef with Yelp is over one bad review. Apparently, I’m not the only guy in town who is mad at Yelp. But more about that, later.
Yelp Ratings for Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyers. Trustworthy?
Yelp has had some bad press lately. The Los Angeles Times has carried numerous articles that blast Yelp. For example, these headlines:
Yelp gets an earful from L.A. business owners - Los Angeles 

Posted 4 weeks 1 day ago

There is an easy fix for the student loan debt crisis.  Bankruptcy laws should be restored to give back to the bankruptcy courts the responsibility of deciding whether or not to give relief to give individuals who claim they can’t pay. We need to take this out of the hands of the bureaucracy in the Department of Education. The bankruptcy courts were in charge of the process before there ever was a student loan bubble. In a nutshell, bankruptcy used to discharge student loans. That is, provided the borrower had owed the money for a specified length of time and had proved the inability to pay anything back. Borrowers who don’t want to expose themselves to the strictures of the bankruptcy process should continue to owe what they borrowed.

It was ill advised policy to take bankruptcy law out of the student loan relief equation. (A tiny exception remains for the almost impossible to achieve “undue hardship” bankruptcy discharge). The present crisis is the fruit of that ill advised policy change. The elimination of a bankruptcy discharge removed an important safety valve which used to protect the economy from the explosive pressures now referred to as a student loan debt bubble.

We can fix the problem with no need to expand the court system.

Posted 5 weeks 5 days ago

handle a bill collectorI know how to handle a bill collector. I’ve had a lot of experience with debt collectors. First, two things for you to know. I worked my way through college as a bill collector. For another, I’ve been a bankruptcy lawyer in the San Fernando Valley, CA for 34 years. Knowing how to handle a bill collector is my stock in trade. So, let’s talk about how make a bill collector “Shut Up!”
There are three kinds of bill collectors that you as a consumer will encounter. These are:

Posted 5 weeks 6 days ago

Our Los Angeles Bankruptcy Services are fast, and efficient. They should be. We have been in business since 1989. We are a small bankruptcy law practice. Our law firm is Bayer, Wishman & Leotta. But we have a big reach. We teach other lawyers. We write books. But everything we do is all about bankruptcy. We are passionate about helping you break free from the gridlock of personal debt.

Posted 8 weeks 1 day ago

Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyer With Saturday Appointments. This is great news for working people. It’s convenient, and it’s helpful. Imagine solving your debt troubles. And still have the rest of the weekend. Of course, we’re available Monday through Friday. But, we’re available on Saturdays.  If a Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyer With Saturday Appointments is what you need, call now.
Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyer With Saturday Appointments. Ultra Professional Service. 34 Years Experience.
We are Certified Specialists in Bankruptcy Law by the State Bar of California. Our law office was started in 1989. We have 30+ years of Los Angeles Bankruptcy experience. Are you too busy week days? A Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyer With Saturday Appointments will help you.

Finding Out if Bankruptcy is the Right Option is Easy – Call Us!    Tel 800-477-3111.  Free Appointment!
The bankruptcy law firm of Bayer Wishman & Leotta was started in 1989. Before that, Leon Bayer and Jeff Wishman worked together at a prominent bankruptcy law firm in Los Angeles. During that time, we have provided legal advice to tens of thousands of people.

Posted 9 weeks 7 hours ago

The Los Angeles BankruptcyBlogger is a free online library. This free public bankruptcy project has more than 200 Los Angeles bankruptcy articles.  The bankruptcy library is a project by  Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyers. The bankruptcy tips and advice are shared free by these Los Angeles lawyers. The lawyers behind this project are in the Los Angeles bankruptcy law firm of Bayer, Wishman & Leotta. The firm was founded in 1989. The firm is small, just 3 lawyers. But they they have a combined powerhouse of 92 years of collective experience. All of that experience comes from practicing bankruptcy law in Los Angeles and Southern California.
When our team recommends, “do this”, and “don’t do that” in your bankruptcy, you are getting the right advice.

Posted 9 weeks 4 days ago

Do people ever Switch Bankruptcy Lawyers? Yes, they do. If you have a bad lawyer, what should you do? There are situations where it makes sense to stay with your bankruptcy lawyer. Of course, there are times when it would be legal suicide not to switch bankruptcy lawyers. This article will help you make sense out of a bad situation.
Lawyers are kind of like shoes. You want “well made,” and a comfortable fit. If you have neither, you may want to switch bankruptcy lawyers. When your case is going smoothly, you can put up with a bad lawyer. When your case is blowing up on you, you need fast help. That’s when it makes the most sense to switch bankruptcy lawyers.
My law firm has handled Los Angeles bankruptcy cases for 34 years. We have interviewed literally hundreds of people who have asked us to take over their case. Based on our observations, the problems boil down to just two major issues. Let’s look at three examples.

Posted 10 weeks 1 day ago

Here’s the best bankruptcy self help in Los Angeles. There are three different books. Each is available on Amazon. Each book is power packed. These deliver the cheapest, best  bankruptcy self help in Los Angeles.
Let’s start with the best foreclosure and bankruptcy self help book available. 
Bankruptcy Self Help in Los AngelesThis is NOT a “sales job” to make you file bankruptcy. This book is written to keep you out of bankruptcy. Learn about foreclosure. Bankruptcy options are discussed. Most people in foreclosure never file a bankruptcy case. In many cases it makes no sense for you to do that. This book helps you see where you are. And understand your choices realistically. When does bankruptcy makes sense for you?  And, when it does not.

Posted 10 weeks 5 days ago

Bankruptcy Chapter 13 could be your luckiest number. Here’s why. If handled correctly, Bankruptcy Chapter 13 may do miracles for you. Like these:

  • Stop foreclosure.
  • Save your home.
  • Remove your 2nd mortgage.
  • Handle debts that won’t be handled by Bankruptcy Chapter 7.
  • Prevent the forced sale of assets.
  • Let you live  in peace, without creditors hounding you.
  • Let you operate a business.
  • Force tax collectors to wait.
  • Pay back most debts based on what you can afford.

There’s one important catch. Your case must be handled correctly. Otherwise you have no chance to succeed in Bankruptcy Chapter 13. 

Make sure your Bankruptcy Chapter 13 is handled correctly.

Bankruptcy Chapter 13The first step is to get expert advice.Expert Bankruptcy Chapter 13 advice will tell you if you are eligible. Not everyone is allowed to do a Bankruptcy Chapter 13 case. There are income requirements.

Posted 10 weeks 6 days ago