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Our new Bankruptcy FAQ’s has the answers. We picked the most asked bankruptcy questions we received in 2014. Read on. We are giving you fast, on the money answers. We have not sugar coated anything. If you want in depth reading, try our Human Guide to Bankruptcy.
Do you have a question we didn’t cover? If so, you can email me personally. I’m glad to tackle any question not covered here. My personal email is
These bankruptcy FAQ’s cover who gets to file bankruptcy; new credit after bankruptcy; should I file bankruptcy; can I file bankruptcy without a lawyer; can I keep any credit cards when I file bankruptcy; will the bankruptcy court take anything away from me; will my creditors fight my bankruptcy; what happens at my bankruptcy hearing; what kind of bankruptcy is best for me.

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Bankruptcy at a Glance will cover the most frequent Google searches involving bankruptcy questions. 
There are cheap bankruptcy lawyers in Los Angeles. But going with the cheapest of anything can spell trouble. Here is an article we wrote about the trouble with cheap bankruptcy lawyers in Los Angeles. Read it for yourself, and decide what is best for you. Along with that, you may have questions about how to pay your bankruptcy lawyer. Try this article to get tips on affording and paying for a Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney.

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Don’t be ashamed of filing bankruptcy. I know that bankruptcy is a scary word to most people. It’s not  in anybody’s definition of success. Even people who need to file bankruptcy people think it is shameful. Ok. Bankruptcy isn’t a picnic. But doesn’t it  beat giving creditors your bank account, your pay check, or being forced to give up your home? Doesn’t it? If you knew how bankruptcy works, I think you would embrace it.
People facing bankruptcy are under enormous financial pressure. The pressure is NOT caused by bankruptcy. It is caused by having debts that you can’t pay. The remedy is bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is NOT the disease. Financial stress is usually relieved by filing bankruptcy. Bankruptcy does not have the social stigma it once had. The Great Recession changed all that. General Motors filed bankruptcy. The cities of San Bernardino and Stockton have filed bankruptcy. There was also American Airlines, Chrysler…etc.

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Two legal specialists weigh in on lawyer trouble and explain your legal rights as a client. The specialists are Leon Bayer, a Certified Bankruptcy Specialist.* And, Michael A. Colton, a Certified Legal Malpractice Defense Specialist*.

Lawyer TroubleHost Chuck Finney, of “Your Legal Rights” on KALW 91.7 FM Radio

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Creditors can take your self respect, and leave you holding a financial catastrophe. What creditors can take should be up to you, not to them. But it rarely works out that way. Consumers dealing with a bill collector usually feel powerless and helpless.
Receiving a phone call from a bill collector is not pleasant. But, it isn’t supposed to be. For one thing, it is intimidating. People see the bill collector as an authority figure. The collector knows their call makes you feel small, and powerless. What is behind this fear reflex we feel when a collector calls us?

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When you have serious debt trouble, “Self Help Debt Plans” can’t help you.
Clark Howard, a “financial expert”,  has been a frequent TV show guest.  He has a “Five simple Steps” debt plan. Suze Orman has a Nine Step Plan. The Motley Fool has a 60-Second Guide. Wiki How has a Nine step plan. I even found a site that debates whether Dave Ramsey’s Self Help Debt Plans beat out Suze Orman’s plans. Not surprisingly, it says sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t. Gee, that’s helpful, huh?
Self Help Debt PlansAll these Self Help Debt Plans have something seriously wrong with them. If you can’t pay your debts, these plans can’t work.  These plans all require you to have significant amounts of spendable income for debt payments. But if you ain’t got the money, you ain’t got the money. No money means no steps to debt help. (Don’t trip over your own feet while you attempt the get-out-of-debt dance routine.)

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It takes a bankruptcy expert to explain what is true and what is myth about filing personal bankruptcy. The public has extraordinary misconceptions on the subject of personal bankruptcy. Even the chattering money experts on TV talk shows know next to nothing about it.
Have you ever said, “I can’t pay my bills?” If you have, this article is for you.

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Abogado de Bancarrota ofreciendo consultas Gratis los Sabados en San Fernando Valley.

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Small business failure is a fact of life. But it doesn’t have to be a fact of your life.
You can identify the classic mistakes that often lie at the root of a small business failure. If you are making any of these mistakes, you are asking for trouble. I’ve been a bankruptcy lawyer for 34 years. During that time span I have doctored hundreds of sick businesses. Some could be turned around and saved. Most were too far gone for anyone to make a difference. By far, the biggest mistake leading to a small business failure is bad bookkeeping.

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