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“Should you buy stock in private companies?”
It seems the rest of the world is catching up to what Accredited Investor Markets has been reporting on for over a year.
Check out a recent Fortune Magazine article by writer Jen Wieczner, who provides a solid update to what’s happening in the private company ownership front, along with a great breakdown of a conversation with  T. Rowe Price’s Henry Ellenbogen that’s worth the read.
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The smart investor is always on guard against potential fraud. Thorough due diligence is the best way to protect yourself against falling prey to an unscrupulous or deceptive investment opportunity, but you don’t have to go it alone.
What resources are available to help? Plenty.
AIMkts Managing Editor, Adam Schlagman, explores the fraud resources available to investors. Read the full article here.

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Financing a Growing Business with Help from the Feds: SBA 7a, September 10th
If you’re planning to start a business or expand an existing business, you might need financing help. SBA participates in a number of loan programs designed for business owners who may have trouble qualifying for a traditional bank loan.  This webinar will discuss SBA’s 7a Loan Program, which provides loans to purchase an existing business, refinance existing business debt, or purchase furniture, fixtures and supplies.  This type of loan is the most basic and the most used within SBA’s business loan programs.
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IP Issues in Setting up a Website
Intellectual Property law is all around us and any business that chooses to ignore the area does so at its own peril.  This webinar series is designed to teach corporate attorneys who are not IP specialists enough about IP law so that they can spot issues and know when to bring in the IP specialist.  As with all Financial Poise webinars, each episode in the series is designed to be viewed independently of the other episodes:  think sitcom rather than soap opera.
Negotiating with a web designer; selecting a domain name; and how that meshes with trademark law; understanding fair use: these are just some of the concepts explored in this webinar.
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If you’re interested in exploring real estate investments, you’ll be interested in the growing trend of geography-based investments that allow investors to own a piece of real estate they love, even if they can’t afford to actually live there.
Platforms like CityShares are cropping up quickly to facilitate this type of investment, but don’t confuse them with REITs. For one, the returns are different. How else are they different?
Read the entire article, by AIMkts Contributing Editor Alicia Purdy, here, or visit for more information.

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ChamberWise is pleased to announce its newest members: The Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce and The Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry. These Chambers recently teamed up with the ChamberWise  Education Consortium to offer their members a valuable business education resource while generating revenue for their respective Chambers.
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In “KUNEY’S CORNER The Many Fates of Intercreditor Agreements: Ignored in a Cramdown, Or Enforced Because Well-Drafted and Not Contrary to Bankruptcy Policy, or What?,” Commercial Bankruptcy Litigation (August 20, 2014), Professor Kuney introduces our readers to intercreditor agreements in bankruptcy.  Intercreditor agreements are agreements among secured creditors under which junior creditors subordinate their lien rights and rights to payment to senior creditors, as well as perhaps other rights to participate in a bankruptcy case of the borrower.  Getting intercreditor agreements enforced in bankruptcy court can be an uncertain quest.
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Are you an accredited investor who doesn’t know much about accredited investing? Did you recently hear something about the JOBS Act, have a vague idea that you want to learn more, but are not sure why? Are you well diversified in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and maybe some precious metals, but you have no exposure to private equity of venture capital? Interested in being an angel investor but not sure how to do that?
Get back to basics, with the AIMkts original series, “The JOBS Act and the Accredited Investor”.
In the most recently published piece, Installment #5, accredited investors will learn about accessing alternative asset investment opportunities as the new investment portfolio down-side protector. 

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The UCC: Article 9, Secured Transactions is premiering on August 20, 2014 at 12pm CT.  Produced in conjunction with The Commercial Law League of America, this webinar offers CLE credit.  As most attorneys know, the Uniform Commercial Code, first published in 1952, is one of a number of uniform acts that have been promulgated in conjunction with efforts to harmonize and modernize the law commercial transactions in the 50 states. This webinar explains Article 9, which governs secured transactions in personal property.
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How to Fight Confirmation of a Chapter 11 Plan is premiering on August 19, 2014 at 12pm CT.  Produced in conjunction with The Commercial Law League of America, this two-part webinar will cover the requirements for confirming a chapter 11 plan and the  various ways creditors try to defeat confirmation.  CLE credit is available.
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