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In Aaron L. Hammer and Michael A. Brandess, “Demystifying Administrative Expenses in Bankruptcy,” Commercial Bankruptcy Alternatives (July 23, 2014), the authors provide a brief primer for parties doing business with a company in bankruptcy, as regards to their getting paid ahead of unsecured creditors and others.
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In “How Much Can I Add to My Claim? (says Lender) How Much Liquidity Will I Have? (says Reorganizing Debtor): On the Payment of Post-Petition Interest,” the Editorial Staff of Commercial Bankruptcy Litigation discusses how a secured creditor’s claim in a chapter 11 reorganization may be increased because the debtor’s good work enhanced collateral value – and how the debtor might lessen that pain and preserve precious liquidity under a plan.
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This month we take some time to honor founding member, Sherman Titens in his passing. Sherman had a great vision for ChamberWise and we will continue to pursue it.
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In “Try to Be the Least Bit Cool: Credit-Bidding After Fisker and Free Lance Star-Publishing,” the editorial staff of Commercial Bankruptcy Investor looks at two recent case in which credit bidding rights were scaled back and reflects on how credit bidders can avoid a similar fate in other cases.
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Can private equity fund the quickly evolving and increasingly legalized marijuana industry?
Private equity can do what it wants, really, which makes this alternative investment vehicle such a popular one. Should private equity fund pot?
Recent polling by the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws shows that 80% of Americans favor the medical use of marijuana while 75% supports no jail time for recreational users and 58% approve of legalizing pot.
Accredited Investor Markets contributing writer Amanda Florip explores pot and private equity as strange bedfellows. Read the entire article here.

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Click here to see the deals added to the ODD and the MDD from the week of July 15.

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In “RECOMMENDED READING: The Lender Made the Borrower Waive Its Right to File Bankruptcy – Enforceable?” the Editorial Staff of Commercial Bankruptcy Alternatives introduces readers to  a detailed discussion by attorneys Isaac Pachulski and Cia H. Markle on the enforceability of waivers of bankruptcy rights – which can take several forms – imposed upon borrowers in lending documents prepared by lenders. Click here or visit to read more.

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Read the fine print: The documents a PE firm typically produces for investors like you –the private placement memorandum describing the PE fund and the limited partnership agreement  governing its operations – are long and complicated.  More importantly, they may conceal important financial terms that you may not be able to fully appreciate from the broadly-worded way in which they are drafted – and it comes at a high price.
Accredited Investor Markets guest author Stephen A. Bornstein, of Wall St. Counsel, takes a hard look  at, “Getting Your Pocket Picked in Private Equity.”

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How to Get a Bankruptcy Case Dismissed or Converted premieres July 22, 2014 at 12pm CT.  Creditors can see to have a bankruptcy case dismissed or converted to another chapter of the Bankruptcy Code.  When can and should a creditor try to do this?  What standards will the court apply in ruling on such a motion?  This webinar will cover everything you ever wanted to know about conversion and dismissal but were afraid to ask.  Click here to purchase the webinar.

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“The Investor’s Guide to Alternative Assets: The JOBS Act, “accredited” investing, and You” #11 in “Kindle Short Reads / Business & Money Section” of Amazon Kindle Store
“The Investor’s Guide to Alternative Assets: The JOBS Act, “accredited” investing, and You” hit #11 in the Kindle Short Reads / Business & Money Section of Amazon Kindle Store on July 18th and remains #1 in the Securities Section, which it first hit several weeks ago. The book is an objective, plain English introduction to crowdfunding, venture capital, private equity, hedge funds, pre-IPO shares, and other types of “alternative” assets.
Chicago, IL (PRWEB) July 19, 2014 — DailyDAC, LLC’s Financial Poise Unit is pleased to announce the success of “The Investor’s Guide to Alternative Assets: The JOBS Act, “accredited” investing, and You,” an unbiased and plain English introduction to venture capital, private equity, hedge funds, and other types of “alternative” assets. Published June 2nd, it hit #11 in the Kindle Short Reads / Business & Money Section of the Amazon Kindle Store on July 18th. The book is also the #1 best seller in the Securities Section of both the Kindle Store and the Amazon bookstore, despite the fact that the book is available as an e-book only.

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