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The ChamberWise Education Consortium, and Financial Poise are pleased to announce the on-demand release of their jointly-produced webinar, “Intro to Securitization.”
Available today, this webinar is designed to help C-level executives and attorneys understand types of financial assets typically securitized; advantages/disadvantages of securitization; risks, rules and exemptions.
“A securitization transaction is structured so that assets will be isolated from bankruptcy risk of asset seller,” according to one panelist. “Everything from mortgage and auto or corporate loans to intellectual property licenses and credit card receivables need to produce predictable cash flows to support regular interest payments of principal at maturity.”
“There are several reasons why a company would get financing through a securitization rather than a secured loan and there are advantages and disadvantages,” says attorney Doug Rutherford. “Misuse increases risk and creates incentive to make imprudent loans and over-leverages the financial markets. Another issue is that complexity of the structure of a securitization can be daunting and that can affect individual users.”

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eShares issues electronic shares for private companies and then acts as the registration agent for those companies. To use the service, a company sets up an account and designates certain people who can issue and sign certificates. eShares then manages the workflow of getting existing shares entered into the system. Once that is complete, everyone with shares or options receives a notice saying that their paper certificates have been replaced with electronic shares, which they can see in their eShares portfolio.
Accredited Investor Markets likes the concept because it seems to put the responsibility of tracking who owns what percentage of a company into the hands of a presumably neutral third party expert. This seems to us to be an advantage for the investor.
Accredited Investor Markets recently sat down with eShares CEO, Henry Ward to learn more. Read the interview here:

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The ChamberWise Education Consortium and Financial Poise are pleased to
announce the on-demand release of their jointly-produced webinar, “Roadmap to Selling a
Available today, this webinar is designed to help business owners and executives understand how to prepare for and negotiate a sale transaction.
“Consider who the ultimate buyer would most likely be,” says attorney Jeffrey Kaiser. “That should guide your next steps when preparing for a sale. Identify key issues in advance and have some alternatives in place in the event of the unexpected.”
“Think outside the box when considering buyers,” investment advisor Robert Khedouri. “Don’t limit your business to looking at buyers who do exactly what your business does. Plenty of strategic buyers may be interested in your sale for any number of reasons.”
Now available on demand, “Roadmap to Selling a Company” also addresses subjects like how to find and assess buyers and typical contractual provisions.
James W. Hays, of Gonzalez Saggio & Harlan LLP, is the moderator for this webinar. His panel consists of: Jeffrey Kaiser, counsel to Elliot Greenleaf; independent investment advisor, Robert Khedouri; and Todd Zoha, Alix Partners. CLE credit is available for attorneys.

Posted 3 days 23 hours ago is focused on the intersection of social media and finance in order to build a new distribution channel for deals being marketed on the Internet. Additionally the site, exclusively for accredited investors, offers insight into investment deals including operating companies, startups, investment fund interests, real estate opportunities, mergers and acquisitions, and other types of deals being marketed on the Internet. AIMkts recently caught up with founder and CEO Steven Dresner to discuss his soon-to-be-published book on equity crowdfunding .and what else he’s up to. Read the entire interview here:

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The ChamberWise Education Consortium and Financial Poise are pleased to announce the on-demand release of their jointly-produced webinar, “Turning Around Your Business: Planning/Executing a Turnaround.”
Available today, this webinar is designed to help business owners and executives understand what factors may force a company into a turnaround, formal restructuring, types of turnarounds, operational challenges, and setting goals for moving ahead.
“There are several key factors to identifying the need for a turnaround,” according to attorney Andrew Currie. “A business in crisis has several options, one of which may be bankruptcy, when all is said and done. Understanding your options and choosing the right one for your business will make all the difference.”
Now available on demand, “Turning Around Your Business: Planning/Executing a Turnaround” also addresses characteristics of a turnaround, dealing with creditors/fiduciary obligations, roles throughout the process, when to approach lenders, planning/preparing and execution, avoiding bankruptcy and saving jobs, among other related topics of discussion.

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The Midwestern M&A/Private Equity Forum brings together leading players in the deal community who are active participants on the front lines of many of the recent headline deals and who are helping to craft strategies for transactions currently under formulation. Panel discussions will focus on how strategies need to be shaped in light of current valuation, pricing, and fiduciary duty trends, as well as shareholder activism, and today’s ‘hot button’ issues as well.
The Standard Club
320 South Plymouth Court
Chicago, IL – 60604
United States

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The ChamberWise Education Consortium, Accredited Investor Markets, and Financial Poise are pleased to announce the on-demand release of their jointly-produced webinar, “Equity Crowdfunding Locally“.
Available today, this webinar is designed to help business owners and executives understand how crowdfunding can transform a local economy, pros and cons of raising money on a local scale versus a national scale, and the biggest challenges equity crowdfunding will face.
“Crowdfunding and crowdfinance are going to compete with other capital markets,” says EarlyShares COO Mark Gillanders. “Industries that will be most attracted to the crowdfunding model will be those in entertainment, green energies and social networking technologies, to name a few. Only time will tell which companies will truly grab onto this finance model.”
“Crowdfunding will allow local people to invest in their own, local economy,” according to The Alternative Investment Store COO Jason Lampa. “People who want to put money into the companies they know will be able to do so, even if they’re not wealthy enough to meet the “accredited investor” threshold.”

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The ChamberWise Education Consortium, AIMkts, and Financial Poise pleased to announce the on-demand release of their jointly-produced webinar, “Equity Crowdfunding:  Essential information for intermediaries.”
Available today, this webinar is designed to educate business brokers, investment bankers, and others on the differences between Title II and Title III crowdfunding, the role of due diligence providers, investing across multiple platforms, and starting an equity crowdfunding platform.
“There are differences between a broker-dealer and a funding portal, one of the biggest being which can offer investment advice and which cannot, as well as how they are registered with the SEC,” says The Alternative Investment Store’s Jason Lampa. “If you’re interested in a crowdfunding offering, understand the limitations, requirements and costs for 506c or 4(a)(6) issues and specific SEC compliance.”
Available on demand now, “Equity Crowdfunding:  Essential information for intermediaries” also addresses concerns about fraud, how crowdfunding portals work, legal obligations of intermediaries for investors, and long term predictions for the industry as a whole, among other relevant topics.

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DailyDAC LLC is proud to announce that Kevin McCormack has become a senior advisor to the company.
Kevin McCormack is a managing director at Ethisphere Institute, an independent center of research, best practices and thought leadership that promotes best practices in corporate ethics and compliance. At Ethisphere, Kevin oversees the content and programming related to online programs, global conferences, and custom events. Kevin works continuously with Fortune 500 and Fortune Global companies, leading law firms, and worldwide consultants to elevate the conversations that drive ethics, compliance and leadership.
Prior to joining Ethisphere, Kevin led the content and partner relationship initiatives for West LegalEdcenter, a Thomson Reuters business, one of the largest online providers of Continuing Legal Education in the world. Kevin holds both a JD from the University of North Dakota School of Law and an MBA from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota.
As a senior advisor to DailyDAC, McCormack will help guide the direction and growth of DailyDAC LLC. 

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As of early 2014, the Dow Jones industrials and the S&P 500 indices are once again flirting with record high levels after bottoming out in the 2008 financial recession and global credit lockup. Why then does this equity rebound to new record highs remain one of the most suspect or, at the very least, mistrusted avenues to financial goals and hopes for prosperity for investors?
The answer may lie in the fact that the environment in which these gains have occurred appears to be controlled by a foundation of lowered expectations and global liquidity life support rather than self-sustaining economic growth.
Financial instruments such as hedge funds have their own challenges regarding strategy, transparency, and liquidity.  If you’re considering alternative investing as a way to offset risk and diversify your investment portfolio, you’ll want to read “Managed Futures: Understanding a little-known alternative asset category” by financial advisor Richard Roscelli, who explores Managed Futures as a category of alternative asset investing.

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