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There are many reasons for an attorney to begin the process of “passing the torch” of their law practice. There are planned reasons such as retirement or transitioning into a government position. Also, there are unplanned reasons such as incapacitation or death of an attorney. For whatever reason a law office is winding down, succession […]The post Succession Planning of Law Practice for Sole Practitioner or Small Law Office appeared first on Lindenwood Associates.

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You may think that the trusting, tight-knit nature of family owned business means they have a lower risk of fraud. But some experts believe the risk and occurrence of misappropriation are actually greater in family businesses due in part to that very environment of trust. Furthering the problem, the perpetrator may not realize his or her […]The post 4 Myths About Family Business Fraud appeared first on Lindenwood Associates.

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In short answer, yes. But the real answer is a bit more complex. Selling a law practice is not an easy feat however, with thoughtful planning and patience, buying or selling a law practice can be profitable. Prior to 1990, the American Bar Association had no provisions for the sale of a law practice. However, […]The post Can a Law Firm be Sold? appeared first on Lindenwood Associates.

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City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito’s proposal to nearly double the city’s minimum wage to $15 an hour, up from the current $8, would hit small businesses and their customers hardest, forcing them to raise prices, lay off workers, and move or outsource operations outside the city, according to owners, advisers to small firms and leaders […]The post Maximum Worry on Minimum Wage Hike (Crain’s New York Business) appeared first on Lindenwood Associates.

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Lindenwood Associates, LLC has today announced an expansion of the firm’s strategic development and corporate renewal services to include a specialization in succession planning for attorneys. Click here for full article.The post Lindenwood Associates, LLC Offers Vital Assistance for Those Contemplating Winding Up a Law Firm appeared first on Lindenwood Associates.

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Many solo practitioners and small law firms spend countless hours helping others map out and plan for “what if” scenarios, but not enough plan for the “what if” scenarios that may affect them, their law firm and their clients should they suddenly die or become incapacitated. These are things that every sole practitioner and small […]The post What Happens to an Attorney’s Clients Should the Attorney Die or Become Incapacitated? appeared first on Lindenwood Associates.

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