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The first important decision when filing bankruptcy is should I file? Most clients struggle with whether or not to file for bankruptcy. Even if the person has significant outstanding debt, there is still often a question as to whether or not filing bankruptcy is the right solution. People worry about their credit scores. People worry+ Read More
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Current Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Client I have a client that is currently in a chapter 13 bankruptcy case, but is struggling to make her plan payments. The trustee has filed a motion to dismiss the case for failure to make timely payments. My client is approximately $1500 behind even though her trustee payments are being+ Read More
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This post is specifically directed to consumer bankruptcy attorneys located in the Chicago area. The American bankruptcy Institute is holding their seventh annual Chicago consumer bankruptcy conference to be held on November 11, 2014. The conference will take place at the University of Chicago Gleacher center. The conference will focus on current issues affecting debtors+ Read More
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Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyers Chicago bankruptcy lawyers want to have their clients’ bankruptcy cases be determined to be no asset cases by the panel trustees. This rather simple expression means that the debtor is not going to lose any property while going through the bankruptcy process. As a bankruptcy lawyer, my goal is to get a+ Read More
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Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyer If you search for a Chicago bankruptcy lawyer, you are going to find a wide range of talent, fees, experience, demeanor and success. You will find everything from the entry-level attorney who is trying to help his first client all the way to the seasoned attorney who is closing in on retirement+ Read More
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Medical Debt There is no question that a chapter 7 bankruptcy case will eliminate medical debt. However, if you only have one debt, you may not need to file bankruptcy at all. This is all going to depend upon the aggressiveness of the debt collector as well as your tolerance for ongoing collection efforts. In+ Read More
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Chicago Bankruptcy Trustee In certain circumstances a Chicago bankruptcy trustee can take your tax refund. It all depends however on the facts of the case. Let’s start with the chapter 7 situation. If you receive your tax refund prior to your chapter 7 bankruptcy case being filed and you exhaust that refund prior to the+ Read More
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A recent client came to see me many months back to talk about potentially filing for bankruptcy. He was not even thinking about a bankruptcy release at that time. This person knew that he had debt, but he was reluctant to file for some reason. Many people think that if they just keep avoiding lawsuits+ Read More
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If you are a struggling homeowner and have not yet found relief, you should pay close attention on Thursday, June 26th. The U.S. Treasury Secretary, Jacob J. Lew, will be announcing expanded programs to help homeowners and renters. Help for homeowners to stay in their homes and help for renters to obtain home loans in+ Read More
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Bankruptcy Relief Recently, I met with a man who was running a small business out of a storefront. Well it turned out that he was unable to survive at that current location. The problem was that he had a lease that expired five years into the future. So here he was with a business that+ Read More
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